Our busy holiday season is about to begin! You can help!


Blank wishlists got mailed out to our beneficiaries this week. Our beneficiaries, sometimes with the help of their care provider, will fill them out and send them back. They might ask for clothes, shoes, music, movies, sports equipment, or art supplies. They might be very specific and detail out exactly which store to go to to find the desired items. Or they might be incredibly vague. Some items will require a little online sleuthing to purchase exactly what is needed.

Once those wishlists come in, we’ll need shoppers to get to work! Shoppers can choose just one beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries. Shoppers can pick up their lists in person on Saturday morning, November 16 or they can have wishlists emailed to them. Remember, each shopper is the ONLY shopper assigned to each beneficiary. Since our beneficiaries have no family or no family involvement, the gifts purchased by that one shopper may make up all of what that beneficiary receives for the holidays.

We will also be collecting toiletries for stockings. Each beneficiary will recieve a full sized shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodarant, toothpaste, lotion or sunscreen, and a toothbrush. Quarters for laundry are also popular stocking stuffers.

Shop, Wrap, Deliver, or Donate! Please help us this holiday season!