SHOP with our money or yours!

San Luis Obispo shoppers: contact [email protected] for wish lists.

Santa Barbara shoppers: Pick up your wish lists and money at the office, or email [email protected] and ask for a wish list to be emailed to you. If you get a wish list emailed to you, you can be reimbursed up to $55 at the time you bring in the gifts. Bring the gifts (and your receipts) to the office by 5pm on December 12. Office hours are held at 505 E. Montecito Street (at Olive) in Santa Barbara on:

Saturday, November 16 from 9:00am – noon
Saturday, November 23 from 9:00am – noon
Monday, December 2 from 4:30-6:30pm
Saturday, December 7 from 9:00am – 3:30pm
Thursday, December 12 from noon-5pm (wrapping party begins at 5pm)

Our per person limit this year is $55. If you bargain shop or get great deals, you don’t need to spend the full $55. Along the same token, you are the only one shopping for this recipient; your gifts will not be pooled with anyone else’s. Because of allergies and dietary restrictions: NO CANDY, NO FOOD.

Keep your receipts. If you’re shopping with ABG funds, we’ll need them for our tax purposes. If you’re shopping with your money, you can use them for your taxes because you are making an in-kind donation to a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Ask for free boxes. Please turn in the boxes along with your items. (If you wrap the gift, use the box!)

Discounts are often available, if you tell them you’re shopping for a nonprofit and have our letter as proof.

  • Macy’s –offers 25% off if you participate in the “Friends & Family” sale. You select your items now, pay, and then pick up the items on or after December 4. Ask for free boxes (they won’t offer them).
  • Singer’s Big & Tall – helpful owner. Bring our letter!
  • Ross – gave10% off last year with the letter.
  • Kmart/Sears – may give 10% off with a manager’s approval.
  • Costco- no discount
  • Target –may have given 10% off last year with the letter.
  • 99 Cent Store, 424 State St in SB (bigger stores in Ventura & Oxnard) doesn’t offer discounts per se, but their prices are great. Calendars, scarves, games, etc.

Gift Cards – if you buy them, please consider the city where the person lives.

Label, label, label: Clearly label your purchases with the recipient’s first name and last name or initial of last name.

If you are shopping for more than one person, please use separate bags for each person. Attaching your wish list is helpful, too! You may return the gifts wrapped or unwrapped. If you wrap them, please make sure the to/from tags are to your recipient’s first and last name (or first name and last initial) and from“AngelsBearing Gifts.” For those that shopped with Angels Bearing Gifts money, receipts and change should be returned with the gifts.